Don't Blame Me

Questionable advice from a fellow work in progress.


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ep. 1.17

Reformed Slut Bags and Stoner Friends:

with Lily Marston

: the one where the girl sleeps with 3 brothers. (Meghan’s all time favorite)

ep. 2.01

Tall Girls and Fat Vaginas: with Sasha Pieterse

: the one where a teacher gets wrongly fired

ep. 2.18

Love Bombing and Ethical Non-Monogamy:

with Gaby Dunn

:the one where we talk about having multiple partners


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can i call a podcast “must see tv”?? I’m old i was born in 1989 okay? meghan always gives amazing advice that people need to hear, i always find myself tempted to call in for input on my own love life but i have a feeling meghan would tell me to do what i already know what i need to do so i live vicariously through others’ receiving of advice.
— slptha1st \\ itunes